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Tom tries to keep you all up to date with all the latest news in his career, including big announcement, special feature shows, launches and more. Keep having a look on here....


Winter at Choice.. 
Cliffs Hotel, Claremont and Viking Hotel....

After a successful weekly spot at the Cliffs and Claremont Hotels throughout winter 2014, Tom has been rebooked for the Winter of 2015.

He will be doing every thursday, friday and saturday for the hotels.

Thursdays at the Viking, Fridays at the Viking and Saturdays at the Cliffs and Claremont. 

Tom will be performing as part of 'Talk of the Coast' Show at the Viking.. with legendary Mr Buddy Lee. As well as shaing the stage with Carol Kaye, Shelley Timmins & Comedian, Lennie Anderson thorough the winter period.

Lyndene Hotel... EVERY WEEK - ALL YEAR!

Tom is now heading into his 5th YEAR at the Lyndene Hotel. One of Tom's favourite venues, by far. He will be there EVERY wednesday or Saturday throughout the year.

New Years Day with Joe Longthorne MBE...

First day of 2015, Tom supported the legendary Joe Longthorne at Viva Blackpool. Joe has been recovering since his operation a fair few months ago and was on the bill to sing with his brillant band backing him. He's actually not sanh in public since his op, so announce that he would only be doing 'Question&Answers' but suprised the audience by singing 'If'. 

A very tearful audience and staff gave the singing superstar a standing ovation and its safe to say that his voice is still very strong and i'm sure.. just like Tom, will be looking forward to a great 2015.

Tom sang from 5pm - 7pm with Leye D Johns and Viva Showgirls.

Tom is very popular on the Pride circuit, especially in Blackpool. The headlining act for Blackpool 2014 was '5th Story' from TV's The Big Reunion. 

Tom's proud to announce that he will be back again next year for yet, what will be, an amazing show. 

Tom is in the process of recording his latest album at the moment, as a perfectionist he keeps having to retake songs and make them better in different ways.

There will be lots of favorites and requests on there, so hopefully a little something for everyone! 'To Love Somebody', 'This is the Moment', 'Electricity' & many more... Keep looking for more info!


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